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Are you looking for a fast, and easy way to lose weight and tone up?

If your answer is yes, then you should seriously consider getting a personalised nutrition program, as it will save you a lot of time and energy and it will get you to your goal weight a lot faster.

Dean Geddes has been designing nutrition plans since graduating with a Human Nutrition major back in 1994. Over this time he has trialed and tested the effectiveness of a vast array of nutrition approaches on all types of clients. Combine this experience with just as long a time working as a personal trainer and you have a lot of ‘real world’ experience guiding you. 

It was from an in-depth understanding of both nutritional science and exercise science that Dean created his very successful ‘2 Tanks Weight Loss System’. Seriously, you won’t believe how easy losing weight can be, when you have the right information. 


Wedding Diet Prep
Dean Geddes Client PN Before and After Fat Loss
Female Before and After Weight Loss
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Weight Loss
Sports Nutrition
Muscle Building
Vegan and Vegetarian Weight Management
Immune Support

Improve your blood sugar management by changing the protein, carb and fat profile of your meals and snacks. 

Private gym in Epsom. Build muscle, burn fat and become functionally strong. Nutrition and skinfold testing incorporated into the sessions.

Think you can stick to a 4 week nutrition and exercise programme that will smash the fat loss? This course will teach you the 2 Tanks System that I personally use.  

Learn what to eat, and when,
so you can maximise your fat burning
as you go about your day.

Wake Up Leaner
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Use a professional for superior results

At 50 years of age now, I don’t have the time nor the energy to train as much as when I was younger. As we get older we tend not to move as much, and when combined with a change in hormone profile, means it’s very easy to gain weight. We need to adjust our diet accordingly, especially if we want to enjoy a ‘drink’ at the end of the day or some  chocolate in the evening.  

Dean Geddes Age 26
You must change your approach to change your outcome.