Discover the easiest way to get the body you want!

  • This short online course is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to lose weight at a rate that keeps you motivated.
  • With the right information, you will save yourself so much time and see noticeable changes a lot faster.
  • There are 7 nutrition plans for you to choose from. No thinking, just follow one that appeals.
  • There are just 2 food lists, so it’s easy to work out what’s a good choice and what’s not.
  • Best of all, there is 24/7 online support for you should you have any questions.


If you find it difficult to lose weight and keep it off then this course is exactly what you need. I’ve designed this course to be short and ‘straight to the point’ so you can start straight away and start losing weight. This course is based on the process I use in my private consulting business.

You will learn how weight loss works, explained with my 2 Tanks diagram, and you will see why so many healthy foods actually prevent you from losing weight. If you exercise then this course will show you how to structure your workouts to maximize your fat burning. Finish each workout in a fat-burning state.

Seriously, this is amazing value for money. You will save time, and end the frustration about not knowing what to eat and what not to. Best of all, you will lose all the weight you have wanted to lose for so long. You will look great and feel amazing!

Mid Aged Male Before and After Weight Loss with Dean Geddes
Dean Geddes Client: 12 Weeks
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I love helping clients lose weight and achieve their goal physique and better health. It’s important to me that I educate my clients so they have the knowledge and strategies in place for their successful long-term weight management.

Dean Geddes Client F
Dean Geddes Client: 10 Weeks


Dean Geddes Client 12 Weeks
Dean Geddes Client: 12 Weeks


Superfast Weight Loss is a course you can do at your own pace. The course has been kept concise on purpose so you can start losing weight from Day 1.

You will have unlimited access to this course. We all have times when we are more motivated and less motivated. When you reach your goal you might relax a bit and gain a couple of kilo’s. When ready, simply return to this course and get back into it.

There are no hidden costs, just the one-time upfront payment of the course fee. Remember this also gives you access to DM Dean Geddes

There are no refunds. This is because you need to make a financial commitment to this course as by doing so it’s proven to help motivate.

Please email me (DM) if you need extra help. You are a ‘walking billboard’ for my services and ability to help people lose weight. It is in my best interest that you achieve your goal!

Dean Geddes Female Client in Bikini Glute Fat Loss Before and After
DG Client: 6 Weeks

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1-3 Days

Difficulty: Easy


Course Instructor

Dean Geddes Dean Geddes Author

I love helping clients to lose weight and achieve their goal physique and better health outcomes. It's important to me to educate my clients as to how weight loss nutrition works so they have the knowledge and strategies in place for successful long-term weight management.

Superfast Weight Loss Course

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