kids & teens

we want our kids happy

The last thing any parent wants is their child to be depressed,  excessively self-conscious, or unhappy. If part of this stems from their self-image and they are a little overweight, then doing something about it will not only drop that little excess weight but it will make them happier knowing they are doing something about it, and they are in control of their appearance. Sure it might not be politically correct and we should accept all shapes and sizes, but if your kid isn’t happy then you should do something about it. 

So what’s the solution?  

Educate them about food and you will empower them

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knowing when to 'peak'

Spring training for the Summer Body

Maintenance over Exams

It’s my off-season



bad influencers

Skinny friend taht could be envious

Chubby friend that doesnt want you to change

Parents setting a poor example

Peer pressure


emotions, brain chemistry and tiredness

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