Welcome to what I believe to be the fastest way in the universe to lose weight naturally. Superfast Weight Loss is the culmination of more than 29 years of experience working as both a nutritionist and a personal trainer, with the majority of that time located at a world-renowned gym with over 12,000 members. I have tested and assessed the effectiveness of a vast array of dietary and training approaches, on a wide variety of clients, from all walks of life. In terms of changing your body composition, and improving blood test indicators of health, I know what works, and what doesn’t.

I have also lived the weight loss/ fat burning lifestyle and taken it to the extreme, getting down to below 4% body fat for physique competitions. It is from these experiences that I created my unique 2 Tanks System for maximum weight loss. I can say with the utmost confidence that what you are about to read is the fastest and easiest way for you to lose weight naturally.

My motivation for writing this book comes from my desire to want to help as many people as possible to lose weight. Especially those of you who are trying very hard but are making basic mistakes with your food choices or how you exercise. These simple mistakes are preventing you from achieving the weight loss you deserve. The 2 Tanks System will show you the most efficient and effective way to get maximum weight loss from the limited time and energy you have available to exercise. You might have the demands of children to take care of, or you may be working long hours in the office or both, either way, you want a weight loss system that is easy to follow, and most importantly, a system that really works.

It should be pointed out early that to achieve Superfast Weight Loss you will need to exercise in order to give the body more reason to draw on stored fat as a source of energy. The exercise is not complicated, it’s as basic as going for walks, or you may be active in your day job which will be sufficient. You can and will still lose a lot of weight without exercising, but it won’t be as fast as someone who for example, is going for a walk most days.

Although I have kept this course as concise as possible I have taken the time to explain some of the key principles behind my recommendations. If you understand the reasoning behind the recommendations then hopefully you will be more motivated to adhere to them.

Before we progress the distinction should be made between weight loss and fat loss. I use these terms interchangeably because for some it’s all about what they weigh on the scales and for others, it’s more about how well their clothes fit and how they feel, or their body fat percentage (as defined by a caliper test). Weight loss means a reduction in total body weight as can be measured on the scales. It is not necessarily a true representation of how much fat you have lost as fluid retention can cause temporary increases in body weight, thereby canceling out some of the fat weight you have lost. Fat loss is more specific, you may not be losing as much weight on the scales, but your clothes are noticeably looser and people are commenting that you look like you have lost weight. This is especially true if you are consistently exercising intensely or with weights regularly. You will be gaining lean muscle, which is three times as dense as fat mass (or is two-thirds less volume than fat for the same weight). No matter what your preference, Superfast Weight Loss will get you to your goal!

Forget the common perception that if you lose weight too quickly you will only put it straight back on. Not only is this mentally setting you up to fail it simply isn’t true. The speed with which you lose weight has no bearing on any subsequent weight gain. One common reason people regain the weight they lose is that having reached their weight loss goal they become complacent. A few old food habits start to reappear, a bit of extra stress and a few more missed exercise sessions, and next thing you know your favorite jeans are getting tight again.

The 2 Tanks System has been designed to allow for a degree of flexibility in your food choices or how often you exercise. You don’t have to be perfect in order to lose weight and keep it off.

You need to realize that you have your own unique body which responds in its own unique way to the foods you eat. As individual as you are in your external appearance you are just as individual in your biochemical makeup on the inside. This is one reason there is so much confusion surrounding diets and how some people can lose weight following a particular diet whereas other people don’t. Superfast Weight Loss eliminates the uncertainty about what foods you can have. The foods recommended in this book are designed for maximum weight loss no matter how stubborn your body may be at losing weight.

You might be thinking it’s going to be much harder to lose weight because you’re older. The good news is that it’s not so much your age that makes it harder to lose weight but more your age-related lifestyle. You’re likely to have become less active than when you were younger. If you commute to work, sit at a desk most of the day, commute home, sit down to dinner and television and then go to bed you have a very sedentary lifestyle. This sedentary lifestyle combined with a slowing of your body’s metabolism (through being less active and declining hormones) means your body doesn’t burn much energy. You are now burning less energy than when you were younger and more active, but you’re probably still eating the same amount of food, or more. Also if you’ve developed a taste for nice wine as you’ve matured then it’s easy to think that your body has difficulty losing weight.

Losing weight is not difficult, in fact, it’s rather easy to achieve. If a client is not losing weight there is always a simple reason why. Either the foods they’re eating are still providing too much energy, or they are exercising at the wrong intensity, or they are stressed, or they have an illness that the body needs to recover from first. When they improve that particular area of their lifestyle they start losing weight again.

When you understand how the 2 Fuel Tanks System works you will understand weight loss and realize just how easy it is to achieve. The 2 Tanks System offers you a unique approach to food grouping. Instead of thinking of food in terms of its calorie and fat content, you are taught to group foods according to their energy-yielding content (you are basically looking at the amount of energy-yielding carbs). It is a much simpler and more effective way to manage your weight.

Most people just want to know what to eat, and some meal ideas. What most people, including the vast majority of health professionals, are not aware of is that they also need to structure the exercise in a specific way in order to maximize their fat burning. The 2 Tanks System will show you the most efficient and effective way to exercise for weight loss.

To give you an overview of what you are about to read, Superfast Weight Loss can be summarised as

  1. Avoiding specific high energy-yielding foods
  2. Replacing them with super-weight loss promoting foods
  3. Structuring your exercise a specific way for maximum weight loss.

Don’t waste another exercise session- read on now!

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