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2 Tanks Nutrition is Dean’s unique  system/method that gives you an easy way to make better ‘everyday’ food choices for weight management. 

Aside from the obvious high calorie processed foods that ruin weight management, there are also a lot of healthy foods that prevent you from achieving a healthy weight. 

To reach your goal weight, and feel fitter and healthier, it is crucial that you know which healthy foods can sabotage your efforts and how best to incorporate them into your diet. 

What is



Think of your body as having two fuel tanks. Unlike a traditional car that has one, your body has both a carbohydrate fuel tank and a fat fuel tank. 

Your body prefers to use the carbohydrate fuel tank because it’s a faster and more efficient source of energy. But to lose weight you need to be using the fat fuel tank for energy. 

The problem is the body will use the carb fuel tank first and if it’s full with glycogen (storage form of carbs) the body wont have a reason to  burn fat. 

2TS Nutrition is nutrition that allows you to eat a lot of foods that do not fill your carb fuel tank, thereby making it a lot easier to access the fat fuel tank for it’s energy. 

nutrition plans are designed
based on biochemistry, and the HORMONE insulin

Hormones are chemical messengers that instruct the body what to do. When you eat food, various hormones and enzymes are released in response, to facilitate the digestion of that food. Insulin is of particular importance to those wanting to lose weight and lean up because Insulin is your body’s storage hormone. It is released in response to carbs (as sugars) entering the bloodstream and tells the body to store these carbs for use as energy later. 

Carbs are stored in your liver (for brain function) and in your muscles (for movement and postural support). The thing is, the liver is a certain size, and you only have a certain amount of muscle. Therefore your carb storage is limited. If you eat carbs over consecutive meals and don’t burn them off, these stores fill up, and then Insulin starts storing the carbs as fat in fat cells. 

You want the body to use the fat that is already stored in your fat cells for energy, and not add to them. Any food that stimulates the release of Insulin is giving your body a reason to not burn fat. 

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As individual as we are in our external appearance, we are biochemically individual on the inside as well. This means that a nutrition plan that works well for one person, may not work nearly as well for someone else.

There are a lot of things to consider when designing a nutrition plan. From the macro-ratios and timings to acid and alkalinity balance, to the gluten load, and possible food sensitivities. These factors all need to be considered when suggesting meal and snack options, plus making sure these options are both appealing and convenient. 

Your body may not be responding well to your current diet, and this can be expressed in many ways. Symptoms such as as low energy, inability to concentrate, moodiness, skin conditions, poor sleep, overweight, and cravings are all signs that your nutrition needs to change. 

Once you have the right diet for your body you will thrive!

Treat foods are a part of any Dean Geddes nutirtion plan.

With the correct nutrition
for your body, you can
really improve your health

Lower high blood pressure
Improve cholesterol lipid profile
Alleviate skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea
Improve asthma, and sinus problems
Alleviate irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and better manage Coeliac disease and other inflammatory diseases
Reverse T2 diabetes and pre-diabetes elevated HbA1c
Improve your chances of fertility
Improve the symptoms of endometriosis, premenstrual pain, pre-menopause and menopause
Improve energy levels
Improve concentration and productivity
Burn fat and build muscle!

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Remove the guesswork, get a nutrition plan.

how a dean geddes consultation works

The initial consultation takes 60 minutes. Dean will have spent time prior to your consultation reviewing your questionnaire, researching (if required) and getting a ‘feel’ for your lifestyle demands, and identifying where changes need to be made. 

If comfortable, you will have a caliper skinfold test and measurements taken. This will give you your percentage body fat (body composition) from which a realistic and accurate series of target body fat % and weight goals can be mapped out.

A draft nutrition plan is then designed, based on foods you like to eat and are easy and practical. Several meal options will be given where possible, to keep it varied and interesting. 

If you like to exercise, then Dean will design you a weekly exercise plan with target heart rates and intensity levels (relative to your level of fitness) to maximize your fat burning. If you have injuries or muscle imbalances Dean can advise on the best exercises and stretches, foam rolling to fix them (if time allows). 

Supplements will likely be recommended. This is to help your body go from a low/depleted level to optimal levels for improved cellular metabolism and hormone levels.  

You then keep a detailed food diary for two weeks until your next appointment. 

At your follow-up consultations, you will have your body fat and tape measurements taken and the results compared to your previous measurements. Dean will assess the rate of weight loss to your food choices (recorded on your food diary) and will make the necessary adjustments to maximize your rate of loss. Dean will also ask for your feedback on what meals worked and what meals need changing, so he can adjust your nutrition plan for the next two weeks. You will also be given a new body fat % target to work towards.

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