ONLINE Services

nutrition consultations

Nutrition consultations can be done remotely. The process is the same as in-person consultations with having a highly personalised nutrition plan designed, then regular food diary analysis, progress evaluation all from which nutrition adjustments can be made to make sure you’re getting maximum results.

Progress is tracked by you, at home, with a tape measure, how your clothes are fitting, and perhaps progress photos. You also have the accountability factor the really helps you to stick with it, form new food habits and feel great.

Dean Geddes What to Eat
Dean Geddes Workouts

workout programmes & advice

Are you unsure of what workout programme would be best for you? Perhaps you’re bored and want to change things up a bit. Maybe you have a new goal that requires a new approach to training. Or you’ve got an injury that you need to ‘train around’ while allowing it to recover. Send Dean an email enquiry and he will assess your current programme and advise if it’s right for you or if there’s a better approach. 

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