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You'll get faster results with a P.T.

With Personal Training, you don’t have to think about what exercises to do, nor how many reps, nor what weight/resistance. You don’t need to find out what exercises are best for your body to support functional strength, as well as addressing any imbalances, as well as giving you that much desired athletic appearance. Just turn up and train!

Female Client Doing Split Squat

Most clients start out with poor to average flexibility, especially in the lower body. PT sessions, will fix your muscle imbalances, improve flexibility, release muscle knots and improve joint mobility and stability. It’s like giving your body a good reset so it can continue to perform at it’s best, allowing you a great quality of life.

Mid-aged Male Doing Cable Bicep Curl Exercise

you will
Build an athletic body

Dean will teach you his secrets to building quality muscle. Just 2 or 3 workouts a week will give you a physique that looks like you spend every spare minute in the gym. 

Do less, and get better results, simply by training smarter.

improve your golf game
strength & conditioning

An area of your game you can’t afford to neglect is strength and conditioning work. Training sessions will improve your rotational balance, strength, and power. Benefit from better mobility and flexibility and fix those hidden muscle imbalances that are affecting your swing. 

Male Golfer Teeing Off

you get to Train in private

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Very clean, private, and well-equipped gym. Enjoy having the space just to yourself. 

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No waiting for equipment, no smelly bodies, no sweat left on equipment, no bugs floating around. 


Does it matter that I haven't exercised for a long time?

It doesn’t matter what your current level of fitness is. Dean has worked with all types of clients from completely sedentary to athletes. PT sessions are designed for your current level of fitness with a sensible yet effective level or progression incorporated. As you get fitter and stronger your workouts will be tailored to match. 

What if I have a pre-existing injury?

Dean is very experienced in training clients that have presented with injuries, both acute and chronic. Exercises are selected to ‘train around’ the injury as well as incorporating some rehabilitation exercises and massage/ muscle-fascia release to the area to speed the recovery.

How often do I have a PT session?

PT sessions are a minimum of once a week, up to four times a week, depending on the clients goal and budget. 

How long are the sessions?

PT sessions are typically 45 minutes duration. Being a private gym there is no waiting for equipment, and Dean structures the workouts so you are doing two or three exercises for different muscle groups / conditioning in fairly quick succession. This makes training very efficient and effective.  At the end of 45 minutes you should have had enough.  

Is nutrition a part of the sessions?

Yes, food diaries are analyzed and your food choices are discussed while you rest between exercises. Body composition skinfold testing can be taken once every fortnight, depending on the your training goals. Nutritional advice and recommendations are given to help maximize your results. There will be a separate fee if you want a comprehensive nutrition plan designed.

How do we track progress?

There are a number of options we can use to track progress. From how your clothes are fitting, what you’re weighing, skinfold testing, tape measurements and perhaps regular progress photos (taken on your phone). It’s whatever you’re comfortable with.    

What is the late cancellation policy?

You must give 18 hours advance notice if you can’t make your appointment. If you cancel within this time you will be charged a late cancellation fee of $60.

How much does a session cost?

PT sessions are $89 for 45-minute sessions. Because you are training in private there is no waiting to get on equipment like in a commercial gym, and this combined with super-setting exercises means you get a lot done. If Dean has done his job well, you’ll be glad it’s 45 minutes.   Dean may decide that your body will only need 30 minute sessions initially, which cost $69. 

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