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Here you will find some of the workouts I have used with my clients over the years. I hope you find them enjoyable and interesting, and a nice change from the usual stuff you find online. 

For obvious reasons, YOU DO THESE WORKOUTS AT 100% YOUR OWN RISK. 

Dean Geddes, and associated parties, take no responsibility whatsoever for any injuries or medical issues or anything that you want to attribute to one of these workouts. 

Guy using foam roller to release lower back muscles

I am a big fan of regular foam rolling and stretching for improved mobility and preventing those annoying niggles. If you have elbow tendonitis, foam roll your upper arms and find the knot (adhesion). If you notice a bit of knee pain then foam roll your quads. When you’re rolling search out areas where it’s more uncomfortable, as those spots are the knots that need releasing. Muscle adhesion causes that area of the muscle to shorten (a knot) which results in the remaining part of the muscle being over-stretched. This results in ‘pulling’ at the insertion which is the discomfort you are noticing in the joint. 


NOTE IN THE WORKOUTS BELOW there are some unique exercises that I use, that you won’t be familiar with. I’ll add instructional videos to show you how to perform them.

DO NOT OVER-EXERT AND STRAIN YOURSELF A change in the exercise is more beneficial than going maximum exertion on the same exercise you’ve been doing for the last few weeks. 

hERE'S some OF MY workouts FOR YOU TO ENJOY

Whole body 30-40 mins functional workouts- gym based.

Dean Geddes Whole Body Workout Exercise Plan 1
DEan Geddes designed whole body workout 2 with image of womens torso showing stomach in the background
Dean Geddes Whole Body Workout 3

4 WAY SPLIT WORKOUTs: option 1

Dean Geddes designed Chest Biceps Workout 1
Back Workout 1
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